Library functions as a public archive for the materials being used within the project Ao_TOF. Archive was made in partnership with [A-B_HPP].


Sandro Mezadra & Brett Neilson: Border as method, or the multiplication of labor.

Sharon Pickering, Leanne Weber ed.: Border Mobility and technologies of control.

Prem Kumar Rajaram, Carl Grundi-Warr ed.: Borderscapes, Hidden geographies and politics at Territory’s Edge. 

Jon Barnett: Security and climate change.

All the world’s Immigration visualized in 1 map

Bruno Labour: War and peace in an age of the ecological conflicts.

Louse Amoore, The politics of possibility, risk and security beyond probability. 

Benjamin Bratton: The stack, on software and sovereignty 

Benjamin Bratton: On arteficial intelligencies, language and New normal.

Keller Easterling: The extrastatecraft, the power of infrastructure space. 

Adam Curtis, Bitter lake. 

Elizabeth Grosz: Chaos, territory, art, Delleuze and farming of the earth. 

Dead by rescue: The lethal effects of the EU’S policies of non-assistance. 

Stomata Portanova: Moving without a body, Digital philosophy and choreographic thoughts.

Boas Levin and Vera Toolmann: The body of the web. 

Mahmoud Keshavars: Design – politics, And inquiry in to passwords, Camps and borders. 

Alexander R. Galloway: Black Box, Black bloc.

Hito Steyerl: The proxy politics: Signal and noise.

Nadav Hochman, Lev Manovich, Mehrdad Yazdani: On hyper-locality: Performances of place in social media. 

Bali Srinivasan: The software is reorganizing the world. 

Thomas Nail: We are entering a new epoch: the century of the migrant.

Thomas Nail: Theory of the border. 

Brian Massumi: The ontopower, Wars, power and state of perception. 

Timothy Morton: Appearance is war. 

Cecilia Vicuña: Language is migrant.

… the oil- is the agent whose pressure produces, in tandem with human reliance on fossil fuels, the presence of nation-state boundaries ( from an unconscious non-human layer) …

Garry Soeller, Karrie Karaholios, Christian Sandvig: Map watch: Detecting and monitoring international border personalization and online map. 

Near future, Europe at a crossroads. 


In Surfacing, you are a signal traveling across the undersea network. You begin on the coast, carried ashore by undersea cable. From your landing point, you can traverse the Pacific Ocean by hopping between network nodes.

Pelion Tan: The matter of scale. 

Makayla Remington: Vector vs. borders. 

Laura Kurgan: Close up at the distance, mapping, technology and politics. 

Reece Jones: Violence borders, refugees and right to move. 

Jessica Mairs: Borders are primitive limits say designers of US-Mexico binational city.

Kathryn Yussof: Epochal aesthetics: Affectual infrastructure of the Anthropocene

David Bier: Why the wall don’t work.

Aaron Bothy twitter account.

Rachel Riederer: Libertarian seek a home on high seas. 

David Tewksbury and Jason Wittenberg: News on the internet, Information and citizenship in the 21. century.

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